My Latest Obsession

I am not a typical fangirl. Most girls in my year level dream of John Lennon (if you’re reading this, hi!), stalk 1D, lust after Peeta Mellark, and crave Augustus Waters.

However I am not like that.

I love murder mysteries. With a passion. I was the kid thinking of Miss Marple when my English teacher was going on about making predictions as a reading strategy. I was (actually, I still am) the kid who wants to go on the Orient Express in the hope I’ll meet Hercule Poirot.

But Agatha Christie is not my latest vice.

The award for that one goes to a small, fictional county in England. You guessed it: Midsomer Murders has stolen my platonic heart.


DS Ben Jones portrayed by Jason Hughes and DCI Tom Barnaby played by John Nettles in a scene from ‘Secrets and Spies,’ episode 3, series 12.

Whether it is the early episodes with DS Troy and his repulsive ties, or a later one with DCI Barnaby and his dog, I like all the episodes I’ve seen. I just have one tiny problem with it.

The timing.

Where I come from, we are dismissed from school at 3:30 in the afternoon. So of course, the ABC decides that is when they are going to air my favourite tv show. Of course, an episode is aired at 5pm Sundays and 8:30 pm Mondays (although on a different channel, which isn’t good because of the ad breaks), but am I seriously so obsessed that twice a week isn’t enough? That I need to watch it everyday, which I am refraining from doing?

The answer is yes.

Although I wish they would air more episodes with DS Scott. The ABC and Gem only air ones with Nelson, Jones, and Troy, so I can’t really compare them without Scott.

In case you haven’t worked it out, I prefer the Detective Sergeants to the two Barnabys. I don’t know why either.

But now, I am off to check the online tv guide to see if a Midsomer Murders (or any other English murder mystery. Nobody does it like the Brits) episode is airing at some point.

I doubt this will be the last you’ll hear of me and Midsomer Murders. Watch this space.


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