A Little Something to Inspire

Today, in art, we had to draw backup sketches of our art sketchbook; so me, being me, I did something on writing, which features a little something written by me (don’t look so surprised). Coincidentally, we are preparing for an English assignment where our only prompt is ‘Life is…’

To my surprise, while the short thing I wrote ties in brilliantly with both topics, I also like what I wrote. I can’t believe that last fact either. Because I liked it so much, I have decided to give it an honorary place on my blog. Who knows? This could be the start of something big.

Life is art. Anyone can survive life. But to succeed at life, you have to be an artist.

But how does one become an artist?

You have to find the light in eternal darkness. You have to learn to dance when you’ve fallen down. You have to sing when you can’t hear the song.

Life is art. Become the artist.


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I'm a girl whose first love is writing, followed by reading. My other passions include playing trumpet in my school bands, eating, playing cello in my school orchestra, eating, school, eating, English lessons, eating, procrastinating during French, eating, music lessons, eating, sleep, eating, coffee, and did I mention eating? Oh, and don't you dare forget my love for Midsomer Murders... And eating. So join me, my loyal followers, in all things literate, musical and, most importantly, tasty! View all posts by empressofbooks

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