Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today, I feel like sharing the love this Valentine’s Day with a special poem, just for my lovely followers. And what a better theme than the mighty colour of love, red?


A fluttering in the heart

Someone you can’t bear to part

Love forevermore


The voice of passion

A powerful assassin

Campaigning forevermore


Alone on a journey

The future, so murky

Searching forevermore


A heart racing

Two lovers embracing

True love forevermore


A bouquet of roses

A lover proposes

Valentines forevermore

So, while it’s not my best poem by a long way, it’s just a little something to get you in the mood.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

– The Empress


About empressofbooks

I'm a girl whose first love is writing, followed by reading. My other passions include playing trumpet in my school bands, eating, playing cello in my school orchestra, eating, school, eating, English lessons, eating, procrastinating during French, eating, music lessons, eating, sleep, eating, coffee, and did I mention eating? Oh, and don't you dare forget my love for Midsomer Murders... And eating. So join me, my loyal followers, in all things literate, musical and, most importantly, tasty! View all posts by empressofbooks

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