In the Water

A poem for you because I wanted to, and I’m really bored:

In the water, I am free

In the water, I am me.

The water rushes through my ears

The people’s hate; I cannot hear.

Beneath the waves is where I play

Alone yet tranquil, everyday.

The water quickly fills my eyes

Masking the pain behind my lies

The bubbles stream up to the sun

Briefly in peace, I don’t want to run.

The clouds hide the water’s glare

Just for a moment, I see the loathsome stares

I dive in, the water’s glass cracks

Like my mental walls as they are smashed.

Sometimes I wish it would all just end

The loneliness, the spite; the lack of real friends.

In the water, I am free

In the water, I am me.

Alone yet calm, I await my Death

For that euphoric feeling before my last breath.

Ugh, I need to motivate myself to do my geography. Wish me luck!

-The Empress


About empressofbooks

I'm a girl whose first love is writing, followed by reading. My other passions include playing trumpet in my school bands, eating, playing cello in my school orchestra, eating, school, eating, English lessons, eating, procrastinating during French, eating, music lessons, eating, sleep, eating, coffee, and did I mention eating? Oh, and don't you dare forget my love for Midsomer Murders... And eating. So join me, my loyal followers, in all things literate, musical and, most importantly, tasty! View all posts by empressofbooks

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