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A Little Bit of Celebrity Spotting – Jazz Style

Over the weekend, I went to this awesome thing called Generations in Jazz. The category my band was in was Division 4.2 and we came sixth out of twenty! By the way, I’m second trumpet (#harmonies).

That wasn’t the only thing that was great.

On the Sunday, the last day, all the famous people that had performed that day were out and about signing stuff and taking pictures. I got a picture with James Morrison AND Ross Irwin!

James Morrison is one the most acclaimed trumpeters today and without him, Generations wouldn’t exist. He has a ridiculously high range, which he flaunts at every available opportunity, and he is a wealth on knowledge when it comes to improving your trumpet playing. This year, he had a reunion with the band he used to play with over 20 years ago! And guess who got their signatures? That’s right. A whole page of signatures.

Signatures of James Morrison's Band 2015

These are all the signatures from James Morrison’s band, including Jeff Clayton (saxophone), John Morrison (drums), Mark Nightingale (trombone), James Morrison (trumpet), and the one in the bottom right hand corner is Ross Irwin (also trumpet)!

Some friends of mine went to the trumpet workshop, where James and Ross were speaking. We learned a whole heap of stuff – although I still don’t get circular breathing…

Anyway, after that, we decided that we weren’t leaving without a picture with Ross. So we went looking for him around the Division 1 tent. Instead of Ross, though, we found James! So we got a picture with him.

One down.

We got lunch, but we weren’t giving up on Ross – he was friends with our band leader after all. We banded with a couple of other girls, and together, we went back to the Div. 1 tent to look for him. That’s when we found James Morrison’s band.  My friend bought their CD and got that signed while I pulled out my best notebook (I’m a writer, don’t look surprised. I had three if you must know.) and let them pass it down the line, and got ALL their signatures.

We then found Ross, and finally, FINALLY, we got our photo. I also got his signature.

And that, my fellow followers, is how you use school events to go celebrity spotting- Jazz Style.

– The Empress

P.S: My brother was so jealous… He still got a couple of awesome trombone solos, so it’s not all doom and gloom for him. But it was still awesome seeing his face when I showed him my loot. Priceless.